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Nominations for ISCA Officers

Updated: Apr 29


In accordance with the ISCA's bylaws, the terms of Indiana State Clays Association’s CURRENT officers will expire effective at the end of the 2024 State Championship on August 18, 2024.

The ISCA is seeking nominations for new officers to serve a two (2) year terms on its Board for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Please note that the new President must be someone who has been a prior board member or officer and served a two (2) year term on the Board.

Nominations must be in writing and sent to the ISCA Secretary, Andrew Perrone at: and Jess Hines at The deadline for nominations has been extended to Friday, May 3rd by the end of the day. A member may nominate himself/herself or be nominated by another member. Each nominee should include a brief biography and include any past positions or involvement with the ISCA when submitting his/her nomination to Andrew Perrone. Since most meetings of the officers and ISCA Board of directors are now “virtual” using online meeting systems, members from all parts of the state are encouraged to consider running for an office.

Shortly after the nomination deadline, ISCA members will receive a ballot via email. The deadline for voting will be May 31, 2024, and results will be announced shortly thereafter. The new officers will assume their positions August 19, 2024.

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