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2024 ISCA Election Results

A note from ISCA Vice President, Scott Merz:

Hello ISCA Members,

I am sending this note to announce the outcome of our recent ISCA election of officers for 2025-2026. Our newly elected ISCA officers: Scott Merz (President), Andy Perrone (Vice President), Bryan Wright (Secretary), and Jess Hines (Treasurer). Thank you to all who cast your vote.

The vote breakdown is below. While there were 84 votes cast, only 78 are reflected. Why were six votes excluded? A) Two votes came from Kentucky residents and B) four votes were submitted twice. Many thanks to Kelsie Winters for organizing the election and identifying/addressing the anomalies!

President: Scott Merz (unopposed) 72

Vice President: Andy Perrone 44

Dave Kitchen 33

Secretary: Bryan Wright 30

Marty Schindler 29

Jeremiah Bullock 19

Treasurer: Jess Hines (unopposed) 71

I am pleased to announce that Jeremiah, Dave, and Marty have agreed to join the Shoot Committee effective immediately. The interest each conveyed in helping our sport improve and grow will serve the Shoot Committee, the ISCA Board, and ultimately all shooters in Indiana well.

I am also pleased to announce that Christina Kelly has agreed to join the Shoot Committee. Her ideas, perspective, and willingness to help-out make her a great addition to the committee. While the new Shoot Committee members join immediately, the recently elected officers begin serving in their new role following our State Shoot in August.

I hope to see you at Sugar Creek this weekend as Brian and Andrea host our first Race to State event.


Scott Merz

ISCA Vice President

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