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2022 State Championship Ammo Shoot OFF

The Indiana State Shoot Committee recently conducted a random drawing to select the participants for this year's ammo shoot off. Congratulations to those selected. The shoot off will be conducted at 5:30 PM on Saturday, July 2. Here is the entire list.

Master Class: Alternates:

Kevin Parrott 1st Chris Lattin

Mark Hall 2nd Jim Williams

David Walker

AA Class: Alternates:

Danny Pearce 1st Ron Lee

David Graf 2nd Richard Vickrey

Greg Wood

A Class: Alternates:

Jarrett Agnew 1st Daniel Purlee

J.D. Fink 2nd Kyle Schmitt

Dale Fulkerson

B Class: Alternates:

Stephen Odum 1st Steven Wieneke

Marty Stahl 2nd Clayton Taylor

Lee Ann York

C Class: Alternates:

Ryan Mull 1st Dan Sehr

Wyatt Biddle 2nd Greg Henderlong

Eric Gerst

D Class: Alternates:

Jay Moss 1st Terry Taylor

Stephen Flock 2nd Matt Beauchamp

Mark Fundenberger

E Class: Alternates:

Valerie Munoz 1st Lou Espositio

Kris Sergio 2nd Jackie Gahlinger

James Harger

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