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2019 Indiana State Sporting Clays Championship Wrap-up

Jack Moran, ISCA Vice President

This year’s state shoot was hosted at the beautiful Sugar Creek Sporting Clays & Hunting Preserve in Mitchell, Indiana. The most expansive club in the state, Sugar Creek provides our organization with room and diverse terrain creating some unique and challenging targets (thanks to Mike Hafley) we normally don’t encounter.

I’d like to recognize and thank Brian and Andrea Waldeiser and their crews for the efforts they put into this year’s shoot. They put in many, many hours to prepare the club and had to deal with all kinds of challenges presented by Mother Nature, namely all the rain before and during the shoot. Fortunately, most of us were able to dodge the thunderstorms that seemed to pop up almost every day!

The ISCA Dinner on Saturday night was again a big success and is a tradition we will continue at future state shoots.

This year we had a total of 174 entrants, with 141 shooters participating in the Main Event and 118 shooters in the Kolter Cup Preliminary Event.

Per our rotation system, the 2020 State Shoot will be hosted by Indiana Gun Club in Fortville, IN which has proven to be a very popular venue in the past. We will try to establish a date for the 2020 shoot as quickly as possible and post the information on our website so you can include on your shooting calendar for next year.

2019 State Championship winners were:

  • HOA – Kevin Griffin

  • HOA Runner Up – Mark Hall

  • Master Class - Kyle Norman

Indiana State Champion

  • AA Class – Othey Jones, Jr.

  • A Class – Jerry Yoder

  • B Class – Timothy Livingston

  • C Class – Hayden Fisher

  • D Class – Jeremiah Winters

  • E Class – Dave Reves

  • Ladies – Ali Strong

  • Sub Junior – Hayden Fisher

  • Junior – Jackson Lahrman

  • Vet – Tom Hendrix

  • Super Vet – Nelson Cramer

  • SSV – Steven Wieneke

2019 Kolter Cup (Preliminary) winners were:

  • HOA – Dalton Oliver

  • HOA Runner Up – Doug Kovacs

  • Master Class – Cyrus Alexander

  • AA Class – Brad Bailiff

  • A Class – Ralph Mitchell, Jr.

  • B Class – Bret Walters

  • C Class – James Bax

  • D Class – Jake Brown

  • E Class – Glen McCormick

  • Ladies – Ashleigh Alexander

  • Sub Junior – Colton Taylor

  • Junior – Dalton Oliver

  • Vet – Doug Kovacs

  • Super Vet – Gary Gahlinger

  • SSV – Steve Wieneke

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