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April Registered Shoot Schedule

Make sure you check out all the fun we're having with the registered shoots in April! You can find shoot and club information and register directly from the ISCA's website by going to Scheduled Shoots and clicking on Register under the shoot you would like to register for. The April Registered Shoot Schedule is as follows:

April 6th - Shoot for Punches at Kosko

April 6th - 7th - April Fools Shoot at The Farm

April 6th - 7th - VFD Fundraiser at Sugar Creek

April 13th - 14th - Bust Into Spring at the Ike's

April 19th - 21st - Fun Shoot at Indian Creek

April 20 - 21st - Dogwood Shoot at Evansville

April 27th - Fall Creek Series 1 at IGC

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