ISCA 2020 State Championship Begins Thursday

Clean your guns, stock up on shells, and get in that last minute practice because the ISCA 2020 State Championship, hosted by Fall Creek Sporting Clays at the Indiana Gun Club and presented by title sponsor, Stifel Financial, begins in just two days. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, beginning with side events on Thursday, July 23 and continuing through the weekend, the 100 bird Kolter Cup Prelim on Friday, and the 200 bird Main on Saturday and Sunday, and Make-A-Break (with cash prizes for class winners), we have four full days of shooting fun ahead of us this week and more than 750 birds to break. And there's more... Ammo Shootoffs, raffle prizes, and pretty darn good food.

If you aren't already one of the 180 contestants that have registered for the championship, click your way over to and sign up. There is still time.

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